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May 27th Plant Walk & Tasting

May 27th Plant Walk & Tasting


Join Aaron and Marika on a plant walk and guided beer tasting on Saturday, May 27th. The walk will take you through the woods where we gather most of the wild plants we put into beer, identifying trees, leaves, flowers, and hopfully a mushroom or two. Gathering around a picnic table in the woods, Aaron and Marika will make teas with the plants, lead a tasting, then sample some beers made with those plants. This special tour is limited to 15 people on a first come-first served basis.


Plant walks are all-weather and we recommend dressingly accordingly. We will avoid especially muddy or wet areas but suggest rain boots and jackets of it is rainy. The walk itself will be approximately one mile and is moderately strenuous with one hill at the end to get back to the brewery.


The walk and tasting begin at 2 PM and last until about 4 PM. We recommend that you arrive by 1:30 to check in with staff at the bar. Please bring your receipt and an ID for yourself and any group members.

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