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Wearing protective gear to protect yourself from injuries caused on electric skateboard

When riding an electric skateboard, what you need to do is protect yourself from falls and injuries while riding. And the best way to do that is to wear protective gear. This is one of the safety basics about electric skateboards mentioned on many forums and websites about electric skateboarding such as eSkateBuddy. You need to wear a set of helmets, elbow pads, wrist pads, and knee pads.


The helmet will protect your head from fatal injuries. When you fall, you tend to lean back or forward, so your head can be injured in the front and back. So that is why you will need a helmet on. Choose a hat that fits your head size, has a strap, can cover the back of the head and the front.

Knee pads

You land on your knees a lot when you fall. Because of riding at a fast speed, when you fall off the electric skateboard, your body still has the speed of the skateboard, you will be dragged for a while. Instinctively, your knee will contract to reduce the area of contact and so it will be injured more. Proper knee pads can help you minimize knee injuries.

Elbow pads

Similar to the knee, the elbow will also be injured when falling. Wearing elbow pads will be essential. Many people don't usually wear elbow pads because they think they cause discomfort. You need to wear them for a while to get used to the feeling of having something on your arm. They will be a bit uncomfortable, but only for a while.

Wrist pads

Last is the protection for your wrist. Wrists contain joints, and joint dislocations are the most common injuries. Wrist pads will reduce the impact of the ground or surrounding objects on your wrists and hands.

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