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Distance learning at its finest

Norwich University's e-Learning platform not only re-creates the classroom, but enhances it. Personal attention and guidance from Professors and faculty is greatly increased, and a finer, more dedicated group would be difficult to find. Faculty at Norwich University rank much higher than average in student appreciation and teaching capability on nationally standardized surveys. Augmenting this dedicated and capable faculty is a group of adjunct instructors sourced from all over the world and from many different industries.

History and Tradition

Unique program structure and pace provide you with a degree in less than two years (not five); all the while experiencing classroom community and participation like you never have before, even in traditional classrooms. This is an institution of great history, substance, and pride, and you will be proud to become a member of its prolific alumni. When you become part of Norwich University, you become part of something very old, very deep, and very proud.

Polytechnic University, founded in 1854 in Brooklyn, New York, is the metropolitan area's preeminent resource in science, technology, research, and management education. In addition to its main campus at MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, Polytechnic pay for essay offers programs at sites throughout the region, including Long Island, Manhattan and Westchester. Additionally, the University offers several programs in Israel.

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