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Induction is a type of logical reasoning wherein the crewmate will note a pattern of suspicious behavior or safe behavior from another player. Mentally, they are likely to assign points for suspicious versus safe behavior patterns and make judgements based on the more consistent pattern. This is often a longer waiting game where the crewmate observes for a few rounds, and particularly intense players may even keep notes to help them keep track. This kind of reasoning is a bit weaker than the other two, as players can fall prey to confirmation bias if they are looking too hard for suspicious behavior from another. Still, if Red notices that Cyan is performing a task and the taskbar moves, and can't seem to find where Yellow has gone, it is usually safe to assume Cyan is innocent and Yellow might be the Impostor.

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Only Crewmates can complete assignments, hence visual jobs are extremely essential. If you observe someone perform a visual job, such as a scan in the MedBay or Laboratory, you may be confident that they are safe. In other words, if you undertake visual activities without the presence of other players, you are effectively decreasing your odds of winning. Some players even consider the existence of visual chores to be 'overpowered,' therefore don't get rid of them. You may even use them to establish your innocence after an emergency meeting if you save them.


Standing near doors but without regularly entering rooms

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You may use your sabotage talents to attract others away from a crime scene to prevent them from reporting the body, much like a crowd kill. Do you want to do a vent multi-kill? Begin by waiting inside a vent for your target, then murder, sabotage, and jump back in. When your crewmates have finished repairing the sabotage and your second victim enters, leap out and murder them before they can report the body.

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Guide and suggestions for Among Us

The imposters will be unable to assassinate you if you are travelling with your crewmates. Your number one priority is to avoid being murdered. If there is more than one impostor, you must maneuver in groups of five to avoid being murdered. But keep in mind that imposters may multi-kill if they start working together. You should be on the lookout for occurrences that involve the purposeful killing of crew members in order to break up the gang.

Sabotage Is Best Done With Reactors

The key here is patience and waiting until the appropriate moment. Make your move in the midst of the mob. When numerous players are around, try to murder one of them. It will provide an edge to the impostor. When numerous crew members stand in the same spot, they are overlaid on top of one other, and players at the rear are practically obscured. If the impostor murders a crewmate at this time, the crewmates will have a tough time locating the imposter. The circumstance will cause confusion, making it easier for an impostor to flee.

Deception and collaboration are the most significant tactics players may use to win every time in games like Among Us, which rely on social deduction. Among Us, like other social deduction party games such as Mafia and Werewolf, divides participants into two teams: crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates must stay alive, fulfill tasks, and vote to remove suspected Impostors from the game. Meanwhile, the Impostors must remain undetected while sabotaging and killing crewmates until their numbers are equal. Winning the game frequently comes down to who can deceive the other players the best, or who can recognize that deceit the best.

Vitals on Polus are Present Among Us

Because the vents can only be used by imposters to travel around the maps, you may simply utilize them to flee the murder scene and avoid being caught. You can go to them fast, eliminate your victims, and then flee without being spotted.


How Do You Play Among Us?

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Imposter Among Us

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When you see a player at a task place, don't automatically assume they're safe and nice. The task bar should fill up if they are genuinely finishing the work. They also require time to perform a task, especially if it is lengthy. Have you ever seen someone'start' the Reactor in less than a second? Imposter!

If a player is rambling a lot, this can be a good way for the Impostor to shift blame onto that crewmate. Rambling looks suspicious, as does talking too much. New players tend to talk a lot in a bid to express their innocence, and the Impostor can take advantage of this and use it to accuse and cast doubt on that player.

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Tips from Among Us for New Players

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As you wander around the station, keep an eye out for what others are up to. For example, if you notice three other players on their way to Admin on The Skeld and then a body is discovered nearby, you can alert the rest of the squad. Similarly, if you're playing as an Imposter, knowing where others are on the map can help you stay concealed and may even help you frame someone else for your heinous crimes.

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If you are an imposter, it is critical to keep an eye out for cameras in order to avoid arousing suspicion. However, there are some cameras that demand special attention. For example, the camera in the lower-left corner of Polus outside O2 captures not only the environment outside but also the region inside the building.

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Attempt to Blend In

As the Imposter, your goal is to destroy and kill Crewmates, but you must also plan backup chores to help you blend in with the rest of the crew. Choose a few tasks you can say you've been working on between meetings so you can confidently rattle them off when questioned. This is a decent Among Us technique, but it also helps if you can lie well. But keep in mind that you can't imitate visual tasks—one that's method to instantly disclose you're the Imposter.

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If an imposter can deceive another crewmate into following them inside the Dropship, murdering them there may result in the crewmates never discovering them because they will not check there. However, crew members should constantly keep an eye on this chamber in case someone is shown to be very ill.

Playing in practice mode allows you to learn chores for each map. Take the time to do this if you want to outperform your more experienced pals.

Most chores take up the entire screen, blinding you, and others take a long time to accomplish. Keep in mind not to perform things if someone suspicious is nearby.

Mechanics and Map Layout

6. A mob kills.

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Lock players in, trigger errors... anything to keep them from finishing their job. Locking players in together might also raise suspicions. Make a plan for it. To be safe, you may even lock yourself up with someone you don't want to kill.

It's one thing to stay safe and on task as a Crewmate, but you're looking for the greatest Among Us plan for working secretly as the Imposter. I've put up this Among Us guide to assist you get started, whether you're an honest Crewmate or a shady Imposter.

When you destroy the O2 in The Skeld, for example, you know your crewmates would hurry there. However, others will disregard the alert and continue working on their jobs on the other side, knowing that other crew members would address it. You can stand back from the sabotage in the hope that someone unprotected will pass by.

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