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– See details below in the new features sectionDrafting Features:Improve your drawing experience in many ways. For example, with the introduction of Dimension Style Sets in AutoCAD 2023, you can now choose from a number of predefined styles, which can be applied to dimensions.Improve your work flow and reduce repetitive tasks by drawing lines of equal thickness or radius. With the new Drawing Paths feature, you can create your own drawing line styles for use with dimensions, sweep lines, splines, and polylines.Add a dotted line to your drawings for improved readability, with the new Dot Pattern setting.Design Features:Drawing Layer Management:Make drawing layers a first-class feature of AutoCAD with Design Layers. Use layers to logically group your drawings into discrete sections, for example, to organize drawings for new projects, create objects for multiple projects, or quickly view your most recent drawings in a project.Animate or hide Design Layers to quickly alter your view. Select the Design Layers window from the View Menu and choose the option to “Show or Hide Design Layers.”Choose to let AutoCAD automatically open the selected Design Layer or prompt you to open it manually.Choose the various Design Layer visibility settings.Prevent layers from sharing an open toolset. You can now open a separate toolset for each Design Layer. This helps to ensure the quality of your drawings as you work.Use Design Layers to group drawings for bulk drawing operations, such as selections, transforms, or numbering.Drawing Tools:New feature: Position Creation. Create new position by following a set path, whether you’re drawing with line, polyline, spline, or lasso tools.Using the new, easy-to-use Position Creation window, you can quickly generate precise position definitions. Position Creation window is added to the Customize Menu under “Drawing & Design” and can also be accessed from the “Customize” Menu.Drawing Styles:Design Styles help you quickly create custom layouts, and you can use Design Styles to organize your drawings and your work. Design Styles are similar to templates in Microsoft Word. They save time and provide visual consistency when working on a project.For example, you can customize your baseline grid for more accurate drafting. 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Win/Mac]

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