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Plastic Washing Line​

Personalized cleaning lines/reusing lines for the therapy of strong plastics. We create and disperse total cleaning lines for the therapy of plastic squander. In purchase to granulate the stained plastic squander, it should initially be reduced, Plastic Washing Line cleaned and potentially divided. This initial phase of granulation is performed in top quality and in the needed amount by a Wiscon cleaning line. Structure of a Cleaning Line Depending upon the utilize, Plastic Washing Line product and level of staining, a reusing line and cleaning system can include the complying with elements: Shredder Grinder (completely dry or wet) Rain seamless gutter for the splitting up of hefty products Steel separator Rubbing washing machine (rubbing separator) Extensive washing machine splitting up storage container (dive and drifting process) Rotating drum Rewriter screw Mechanical clothes dryer Mechanical action clothes dryer Thermal clothes dryer Splitting up of products Oscillating sieve Aerocycler / Zig-zag separator / Great bit separator Miscellaneous conveyors Emptying system Electric cupboard Sprinkle therapy Manufacturing functions: Squander plastic squashing cleaning line with CE certification. Item intro of the Squander plastic squashing cleaning line . Squander plastic squashing cleaning line was the most recent innovation with CE certification. We dedicated ourselves to Plastic squashing cleaning line several years, covering the Plastic Washing Line majority of Europe and the American market. ​


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