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The band filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs after the t-shirt was released. Nirvana, the band that spawned the 90s angst-rock sound, flannel-clad fashions, and flannel-covered clothing, is suing Jacobs for copyrighting their logo. However, Marc Jacobs says it was their art director Robert Fisher who originally created the t-shirt.

Nirvana Merch The smiley face logo was first used by Nirvana in 1991 on a flyer promoting their Nevermind album. It was originally credited to Kurt Cobain, but when Nirvana registered the logo in 1996, the author of the design was listed as Robert Fischer. Fischer, an employee of Geffen Records at the time, was the one who originally registered the trademark for the smiley face. Nevertheless, Marc Jacobs maintains that Fischer's ownership invalidates Nirvana's copyright.

The t-shirt design is a homage to Nirvana. However, Marc Jacobs' t-shirts do not feature the band's logo. The band's legal team said the logo is not a copy. The band has since filed an appeal against the ruling. The lawsuit is expected to continue. The latest development in the trademark litigation reflects the escalating tensions between the band and


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