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Why it's not a good idea to cast a spell on a tower alone?

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Don't forget the basics for every battle in the Arena: manage your elixir wisely and keep track of your opponent's card cycle! With all those tips in mind, the Mirror Challenge will be a piece of cake.

Experiment with different decks and know what deck works best for you. Spend your time on the deck to familiarize yourself with it.

The best deck will lead your Clash Royale Family to victory!

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Don't Drop Your Trophies

Once you feel confident and tune your deck, fight real opponents. The trainers aren't very smart either, so you'd better try fights against the battle clan members too. Making challenges to practice new decks and strategies can also be a good alternative. Yes, it costs gems, but it's better to learn there than to lose trophies in multiplayer.

There you have it. You can now employ Clash Royale tips and record each and every move you make during the game.

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Know Your Deck

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Another great idea is to go to YouTube or forums to get ideas on the perfect deck to attack. This is a pro and a con. On the plus side, users have a wide variety and extremely well-balanced decks that will help you win. That said, many other players have seen these same decks on popular forums or videos and know exactly how to defeat them. Not to mention you can't play as well as others at the start.

With the help of the towers, you can defend enemy units more easily and gain advantage.

Part 2: Record Clash Royale using iOS Screen Recorder

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The Witch alone is enough to deal with it, and it's a +1 elixir trade.

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The most important thing for beginners in Clash Royale is to build your deck. There are three different decks you can build and have on hand, ready to fight. Each troop has a certain Elixir cost. Don't have all 2-3 and don't have too many 5s. They take longer, cost more, and you will quickly be outdone and overtaken. Variety and balance are essential.

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If you drop a single unit at the bridge, you won’t have enough elixir to support your attack. And with the help of the enemy towers, the opponent’s usually able to defend it easily.

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Your elixir attack usually reaches fever pitch during the final 60 seconds of the usual three minutes. For you to get the best and the most out of your elixir, make sure that you launch an attack during these 60 seconds. The chances are high that you will cause your opponent some serious damage. Another great Clash Royale tip is to release the fireball and defend it tooth and nail up until the 60 seconds have elapsed.

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While playing Clash Royale, you may want to record your skills and see how good you are at a later date. To do this, you need a screen recorder. Though many screen recording programs are available, not all of them can guarantee you the best recording services. It’s for this reason that we have iOS Screen Recorder program. With this program, you can record your game, save it for a later date and share it amongst your friends. If you are still stuck, this is how it’s done.

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Yes, you can surprise your opponent by rushing with a deadly combo on the bridge. But you’re relying on luck, one time it works, the second time it doesn’t. If you want to win more often, it is better to not rely on luck and play safe.

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Casting a spell on a tower alone is usually not a good idea.

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Here’re our picks for choosing the top deck:

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The troops (or cards) of the Clash Royale are improved by getting more of the same cards. Once you have enough, spend gold to upgrade it to a stronger card. It's important to upgrade troops as you progress, but don't upgrade everything. Gold needs to be spent wisely and sparingly. Update only what you plan to use and save as much as you can for important updates later.

You win the match by destroying the towers. You do that with units. And units cost elixir. More elixir = more units = higher chance of winning!

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Watch Videos On YouTube

Wait for full elixir. Play units in the back, prepare your attack.

Although this defense was not perfect, you were able to prevent most of the damage by spacing the Wizard out of the Poison range.

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