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Sword Art Online Plaques

Sword Art Online fans can now buy a Kirito-themed sword. The sword, named the Elucidator, is a boss-drop that Kirito finds in the game. It is made of hardened all carbon steel. The replica is currently available for pre-order. The sword will be shipped to fans in May. Fans of the game are encouraged to purchase the replica as a gift for friends and family.

As part of the game's beta test, Kirito met many beta testers who were willing to lend him credits. He was able to find these beta testers by searching for the "Bullet of Bullets" menu in the game's marketplace. After meeting the first beta tester, he reorganized his party and began taking down Illfang. The next day, he encountered a cowboy who was trying to kill him. However, the girl mistakenly shot Kirito with a flower instead of a talwar, and Kirito was able to evade his shoots.


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