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Sometimes rushing an attack with multiple troops and starting hard can overwhelm the enemy. And when that happens, it's good. However, good players will do what we mentioned above and defend, then counterattack with a solid attack and destroy a tower. Using too many forces at the same time can leave you behind. Be smart with what you do. Think for a while and be precise with every move. Don't just use the card in your hand. Think about it, make good use of Elixir and build an advantage.


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370 damage

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Use Your Skeletons To Attack

Part 4: Always Watch Your Watch

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If you're playing a tank deck (Giant, Golem, Lava Hound), build your push slowly from the back. This way you'll be unstoppable.

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1. Analyse your deck

without sacrificing any hit points.

It’ll be easier to pull the Pekka to the opposition lane and you’ll be able to do considerable damage to the giant.

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Defend on your side of the arena

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Same situation defended with just the GobGang. For the price of one Hog hit, you gained +3 elixir advantage.

Download and install iOS Screen Recorder on your PC. Run and launch the program.

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Win every fight with these Clash Royale tips

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Fortnite will be able to receive a new non-combat mode with a new map, initially called…

Don’t just drop units at the bridge

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How to Record Clash Royale with iOS Screen Recorder:

top 9 Clash Royale strategies

If you want to maximize the damage, it’ll be beneficial to clone at low hitpoint units

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2. Identify the win condition

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See you in the Arena!

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Clash Royale is a Supercell game and is available guidance on iOS e Android. Now, tell us what you think of the tips in the comments. Did they help you win? Contact us and enjoy to read more about games Mobile on our website.

3. What counters what?

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By waiting on opponent's Mega Knight, you gave him 5 elixir for free. (You have 10, the opponent 8, but he also has Mega Knight for 7, that's 15 in total.)

This doesn't always work, but if a good defense wins NFL championships, the same rule applies here. Being able to have a solid defense allows players time to fill the Elixir and counterattack. Transform a strong defense into a powerful offensive counterattack.

And if you’re playing against an overleveled BMer with Royal Giant + eBarbs on level 13, there’s always the mute button. Mute the emotes and then DESTROY! And then say Good Game, Well Played!

The distraction game works perfectly well especially if you don’t have the right cards or the right amount of power to fight off your opponents. If you may have noticed, Clash Royale units don’t make a tower beeline for protection purposes. What this means is that you can distract these groups by sending one of your weak units. What happens from here is that, the enemy unit will move towards your shipped unit, hence giving you the opportunity to attack the enemy tower.

A Clone card costs 3 elixirs to cast. Save your elixirs and use a clone whenever your opponent tries to distract your giant skeleton by placing an ice golem. The clone will push the original unit forwards while the new cloned unit is spawned behind.

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172 damage

It doesn’t matter if you’re in double elixir or not, it’s always good to play golem

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In an upward motion, swap your finger on your screen to open the "Control Centre". Under the control center, tap on the "AirPlay" option and confirm the request by tapping on the "Done" option. In your next interface, tap on the "dr.fone" icon and confirm the request by tapping on the "Done" icon.

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Example of a good defense turned into a counter attack with X-Bow.

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Test new decks in training battles

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The second Barrel does less damage than the first one, because it's defended by the king.

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