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What Do I Get?

You will choose one of three CSB options, all for a total of 22 weeks, starting June 1 (in Carbondale) and June 4 (at Tower Grove) and ending October 26 (Carbondale) and October 29 (TG). The cost includes a $25 refundable fee for the crate, which you can get back at the end of the season:


Option 1: Traditional produce, processed goods, and bread ($505)

Option 2: Produce, goods, bread, and soda ($675)

Option 3: Produce, goods, bread, and beer ($725)


In your share you will receive:

1 Growler of beer or soda (if chosen)

1 Baked good or package of goods

1 Processed food item

3-5 Fresh produce items from our garden or woods


You could see any number of unique items in your share.  Everything is baked in the wood-fired brick oven and processed in the certified kitchen at Scratch Brewery, and all produce is harvested, washed, and packed within 24 hours of pick-up hours for optimal taste and quality. For baked goods, you might receive a loaf of sourdough hearth bread, seasonal herb & seed crackers, sourdough beer pretzels, pita, biscuits, or muffins. For processed goods, you might receive a seasonal spread (like baba ganouj, roasted red peppers in olive oil, mustard, etc), a jar of pickles, jam, or processed fruit or vegetable (like applesauce, peach jam, pepper relish, harissa, salsa, etc), or other unique items (like a bag of freshly milled cornmeal, a ball of fresh mozzarella, etc). For fresh produce, you might receive anything from the locations in production for the use of Scratch, which includes foraged items from the Scratch woods. All vegetables will be rinsed and hydro-cooled before added to your crate.


How do I pick up my share each week?

For Southern Illinois members, share pick up will be on Wednesdays at the Carbondale Community Farmer’s Market from 3 PM to 6 PM; for St. Louis Members it will be at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market from on Saturdays from 8 AM to 12:30 PM. Soda CSB members will pick up their filled growler with their share. Because of beer transport laws, beer CSB members will receive a punch card to fill when they visit Scratch. Beer members will receive 2 empty growlers on sign up and can fill 2 growlers at a time when visiting Scratch; or they can purchase more growlers to fill more allotments on their punch card (or fill growlers they already have). There are 22 beer allotments for the season which allow you to fill a range of beers on Scratch’s menu. Your savings on our normal growler fill price over 22 weeks is $60—hooray for beer! Beer CSB members have the added perk of being able to reserve Scratch’s bottled beers without going through the online ticketing system. (Beer will cost only the bottle price but must be picked up at Scratch within a month of reserving. Punches on the punch card cannot be used for these beers.)


How do I clean my growler and crate?
Growler cleaning is simple! As soon as you have finished pouring the last drop, rinse your growler out with hot water. Rinsing a second time with a light shake should get everything out. Rinse the cap and allow both to air dry before putting the cap back on top of the growler.


To clean your crate, get rid of any food debris or dirt by picking out large pieces and dusting with a brush. If any mold develops, rinse with warm water, scrub with soap, and rinse until clean.


What if I don’t like an item in my share?  Can I substitute something else?
There are no substitutions. You may however request a growler of soda instead of beer for the following week when you pick up your share. For example: “My 14-year-old daughter’s birthday is coming up. I would like a growler of soda next week instead of beer. Thanks!”


What happens if I miss a week?
It is your responsibility to find a replacement to pick up your share (a friend, neighbor, another CSB member, etc., of legal drinking age). If there is no way for you to pick up your share, you can let us know ahead of time by email or phone so that we don’t pick your share from the field. Your punch card allows you to fill beer at any time, even if you miss your bread and produce pick up.


If you have other questions or concerns, or are interested in carpolling or alternating share pick up/drop off please email Adriane and Kris at

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