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Below is a list of locations that carry our beer in Illinois and our distributor partners outside of the state. Please contact Illinois purveyors directly to find out if our beer is available. If you are interested in carrying our beer in one of the states listed below, please get in touch with our distributor partners, or ask us to connect you.



Southern Illinois

17th St. BBQ, Murphysboro*

Faye, Murphysboro*

Underground Grille & Pub, Carbondale*

Cristaudo's, Carbondale

Hangar 9, Carbondale*

Global Brew, O'Fallon

Riverview Mansion, Golconda

Neighborhood Co-Op, Carbondale*

Westroads Liquors, Carbondale


Central Ilinois

Pour Brothers, Champaign and Peoria

Terra Ferment, Springfield*

Lodi Tap House, Utica


The Beer Temple, Chicago*

Hop Leaf, Chicago*

Moreno's, Chicago

The Duck Inn, Chicago

The Open Bottle, Tinley Park and Lockport

Lodi Tap House, Maple Park

Pizza, Beer, Whiskey, Sycamore

Bottle Theory, Elmhurst

*You can almost always find our beer at places with an asterisk!




Craft Republic, Missouri

Proof Wine & Spirits, North Carolina

Ajax Turner, Tennessee

Abu Nawas Beverage Company, Iowa

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