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Detailed guidelines for ESA owners grooming their Dogs - 2022 Guide

Mental health awareness is very important for the prosperity of the coming generation. Being lonely and thinking about your traumas can exponentially harm your mental health. To counter this, you must take medication and buy an emotional support animal. Taking care of your esa letter for housing will automatically start healing your wounds.

How to take care of your dog

When your dog arrives, they will take some time to adjust to this new lifestyle so you need to be patient. By providing your dog a friendly and comfortable environment, you can make sure that he/she adjusts quickly. You should also add cannabinoid oils to the dog's diet for healthy growth. When it comes to CBD vs CBG, choose the former because it is cheaper and has known health benefits. You can also buy cannabinoid treats that taste amazing and help with allergies.

Grooming your Dog

You must take care of your dog’s physical appearance. Regularly cut their nails, give them hot baths, cut their hair, and brush their excess fur to keep them clean and tidy. If you believe that these tasks are difficult, hire a dog groomer. The amount of grooming needed varies from one species to the other.

The Process

You need to consult a mental health professional and ask them to provide you with the required documents. If you are diagnosed, an ESA letter will arrive at your doorstep within 1 week. With the help of this legal document, you will be able to legally keep an animal in your apartment and take them to malls, restaurants, and airlines. Dogs make the perfect ESA because they are loyal and affectionate. Before the dog arrives, make sure you have food, water, toys, and litter present.

Nail cutting

There are countless trimmers and clippers that you can use. A dog will always be resistant to nail cutting so you must distract it using treats while you cut its nails. It is wise to use an automatic trimmer that produces no sound because that can scare your little buddy. You must file the cut nails or else be ready for dangerous scratches to your skin or the furniture. Be sure to watch nail cutting tutorials or else you might cut the flesh which can be painful.


If you live in a cold place, use warm water and rub your dog to get every inch of his/her skin wet. You can take help from a friend to distract the dog with peanut butter or other snacks. Even if for hypoallergenic dogs, you should use anti-allergy dog shampoo. Clean your dog thoroughly by rubbing their skin and then washing the shampoo with warm water. After the bath is done, dry your dog with a towel and then sit with her in the warm sun to quickly dry off. For more information, do visit visit

Hair brushing

A lot of dogs grow seasonal fur which slowly falls off with the temperature change. You can use special gloves and combs to remove this excessive fur without even slightly hurting your dog. Hair brushing should also be done to adjust their hair and give your dog a tidy look. If you don't brush the fur regularly, the hair may start to form little knots that will eventually be difficult to remove. Consult a pet groomer at least once after 2-3 months so they can remove the excess hair from your dog's body and keep it hygienic.


Grooming will prove to be a therapeutic process for you. The greater the love that you show towards your emotional support animal letter, the quicker will be your recovery. Remember to never compromise on hygiene because a sick dog causes a lot of problems. If you still haven’t decided about getting an ESA or not, talk to any owner. Consult an online therapist to draft the documents for you after a diagnosis.

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