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Blackberry Lavender Bottle Release

The next bottle release is our Blackberry Lavender, available for online reservation on October 31st at noon! This bottle-conditioned sour ale was brewed without hops and bittered and flavored with Southern Illinois-grown blackberries and lavender. It was fermented with our wild mixed house culture and cellared for several months before the release. This beautiful beer is ruby red with flavors of tart blackberry, cinnamon, vanilla, and flowers. It's packaged in a 500 ml bottle at 5.5% alcohol by volume and is ready for your enjoyment now or can be kept in your home cellar for several years.

Tickets to reserve the beer are $1 per bottle and you may reserve up to 12 bottles (or one case) for $12. The bottles themselves will be $15 each when you come to pick them up at the brewery with a reservation, or $17 without. Tickets go on sale Monday, October 31st at noon and will be available for reservation online until Wednesday November 2nd, or until the reservations are filled. After that bottles will be available on a first-come first-served basis at the brewery until Sunday, November 27th. To secure a bottle (or a case!) make sure you reserve ahead of time. Our reservation fees are donated to a great cause. We'll be donating to Wee Care of Jacob, Illinois before the holidays this year to help buy gifts for local children in need.

You may pick up your bottle during our normal business hours starting November 3rd through November 27th. We have very limited space so any bottles not claimed by November 27th must be forfeited. As always, you will be asked to show ID and your ticket when you come to purchase your bottle. THANK YOU!

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