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Stein Beer Fest 2020: February 15th

Every winter we've had a celebration of botanical beer and fire at Scratch and this year we're cranking it up to 11 with a Stein Beer Fest! We'll have 10 beers brewed with granite rocks on tap, including one in a special German-style gravity cask. These are some of the most unique beers we make, brewed without a propane or electric heat source, but with blazing hot rocks heated in a bonfire and brewed in small kettles. Each of the 10 beers we'll have on tap will feature a different tree or plant harvested on our property, showcasing the many different flavors of our woods; and each has the unique flavor of this special heating method--sometimes smoky, sometimes mineral-y, sometimes with a little extra caramelization. We love these beers and we know you will too!

There is no ticket needed to attend. In lieu of samples, we will do half and full pours of 5.5 and 11 ozs each for $3 and $6, respectively. Our full food menu will be available, including appetizers, bread, and pizzas, and we will also have a chili special to keep you warm all day. These stein beers are all made in small batches so once they're gone, they're gone, and we will replace them with other Scratch goodness. We won't run out of beer, but come early to try as many stein beers as possible!

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