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Fourth Anniversary Weekend and Scratch-Jester King Bottle Release!

The time has arrived to celebrate four amazing years of creating farmhouse beers with Southern Illinois-grown ingredients! This year we're doing things a little differently than in the past. To give everybody ample room for parking and to enjoy the beautiful space at the brewery, we're making our anniversary a two-day event and spreading people out between Saturday and Sunday. What does that mean for you, dear Scratch fan? It means we'll be closing down the brewery to regular business on both Saturday and Sunday and asking you to buy tickets ahead of time. That way we'll be sure not to overwhelm our parking lot and we're able to spread everyone evenly between the two days. Designated Driver tickets are also available for both days. Tickets will also be a little different. This year we're doing an all-inclusive $50 ticket, which includes a sample of all 20 beers on tap (and any other special beer that might pop up throughout the day), a brand-new Scratch 4th Anniversary goblet, unlimited soda, and a meal ticket (we'll have THE WORLD'S BEST Reuben with home-made corned beef and Kris's famous sauerkraut on our rye bread; or a vegetarian sandwich with roasted shallots and chevre). A $20 Designated Driver ticket includes a meal ticket, mason jar (and an anniversary goblet on your way out), and unlimited pours of our homemade soda. The party will run from noon to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available on our website.

Last but certainly not least we will have a special bottle release during our anniversary weekend! Everyone who buys a ticket will have the opportunity to buy a bottle of Stein Beer, the collaboration we did with Jester King last summer. This experimental beer never touched stainless steel. We mashed in oak barrels, boiled with hot granite rocks in barrels, and then fermented and aged the beer in a red wine barrel. The beer was bittered and flavored entirely with plants other than hops, including hyssop, basil, wild oregano, and juniper. This is a fascinating tart concoction unlike anything you've ever tasted and is reminiscent of herbal digestifs. We have an extremely limited number of these bottles. We'll have enough for everyone who comes to the anniversary to go home with a bottle, so your anniversary ticket is essentially a reservation to buy a bottle. (The 330 ml bottle will be available to purchase for $15.) If we have any left after the party they will be on sale at the brewery on a first come-first served basis. More info about left over bottles will be available after the anniversary party.

So, to sum up, your $50 anniversary ticket will get you:

  • A special anniversary goblet

  • Samples of every beer we have on tap and any other special beers we'll have on hand the day-of

  • A plate of THE WORLD'S BEST reuben or a roasted shallot and chevre open faced sandwich

  • The ability to buy a bottle of the Scratch-Jester King Stein Beer (which will be available for $15 on the day of the party). Due to the limited number of bottles, everyone is limited to one bottle per person.

You can buy tickets on the Ticket page of our website NOW! Please choose a Saturday or Sunday and either a vegetarian or regular meal (regular = meat). DD tickets are also available on the ticket page.

We'll see you in March!

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