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Barrel-Aged Black Cherry Bottle Release

The next bottle release at the brewery is our Barrel-Aged Black Cherry, available for online reservation on Monday, July 3rd at noon! This bottle-conditioned sour black beer was brewed without hops, and bittered and flavored with wild cherry bark foraged from the woods around our brewery then aged in a red wine puncheon. This beer possesses a rich chocolate malt flavor, balanced by a woodsy cherry character and sharp tartness with a tannic complexity. We have brewed a version of this beer in the past and the entirety of this release comes from a single puncheon! It's packaged in 750 ml bottles at 5.7% alcohol by volume and is ready for your enjoyment now or can be kept in your home cellar for several years.

Tickets to reserve the beer are $1 per bottle and you may reserve up to 6 bottles (or a 1/2 case) for $6. The bottles themselves will be $20 each when you come to pick them up at the brewery with a reservation, or $25 without. Tickets go on sale Monday, July 3rd at noon and will be available for reservation online until Wednesday, July 5th at midnight, or until the reservations are filled. After that, bottles will be available on a first-come first-served basis at the brewery. To secure a bottle (or a 1/2 case!) make sure you reserve ahead of time. Our reservation fees are donated to a great cause. This time we'll be sending money to our friends at Stone Soup Shakespeare, a traveling Shakespeare troupe that provides free performances in our region and has performed at the brewery for the last four years.

You may pick up your bottle during our normal business hours starting Thursday, July 6th through August 6th. We have very limited space so any bottles not claimed by August 6th must be forfeited. As always, you will be asked to show ID and your ticket when you come to purchase your bottle. THANK YOU!

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