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Ebulon Bottles

We are pleased to announce that this year's version of Ebulon is now available at the brewery! There will be no reservations on this bottle and a limit of 12 per person. We released this beer in bottles for the first time last year and this is the second year of our solera project. For this small-batch solera, we only take out half of the beer in the barrel for bottles and top it off with a new batch in order to refill the barrel. That means this year's bottle is a blend of one- and two-year-old ebulon. In this maturing process the oak and malt character slowly evolve and becomes deeper and richer. Our intention with this beer is that with the elderberries and the long-term barrel-aging we will end up with a beer that tastes more and more like Port wine over time.

This special-release bottle is based on historical recipes for a beer called "ebulon" which was brewed with elderberries and aged in oak. Our version was brewed with a single maris otter-style malt from Sugar Creek Malt, and elderberries from our tree, then aged with wild yeast in a barrel from Hickory Ridge vineyards that previously held Norton wine and the previous year's addition. It's packaged in 355ml bottles at a whopping 10.7% alcohol by volume and is ready for your enjoyment now or can be kept in your home cellar for years to come.

As mentioned before, there are no reservations on this beer and it is available starting today!

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