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Pepita Bottles

We are excited to announce that Pepita bottles are available this weekend at the brewery without reservations. This particular beer is a Scratch CLASSIC that we have brewed every year (often called Pumpkin Seed Ale). We decided to bring back both for our fifth anniversary party and to finally package it in bottles. Pepita is a toasty, easy-drinking pub ale, brewed with grain from our friends at Sugar Creek Malt, Nugget hops from CL Hops, and pumpkin seeds roasted in our hearth oven from Lightfoot Farms in Murphysboro, Illinois. It was brewed over a wood fire in our copper kettle and matured it at cellar temperature before the release. We processed the pumpkins and seeds by hand before toasting them in our oven and adding them to the beer. This is one of our staff and customer favorites--light and perfect for summer drinking! It's packaged in 750ml bottles at 4.6% alcohol by volume and is ready for your enjoyment now at $15/bottle.

As mentioned before, the beer is available at the brewery without a reservation starting Thursday this week!

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