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Spring Tonic 2018

We are happy to say that Spring Tonic bottles have returned to the brewery! They will be available starting this Thursday, June 21st at 5pm when we open. This bottle-conditioned sour beer was brewed without hops, and bittered and flavored with spring greens harvested from our garden and local ginger grown by our farmers Kris Pirmann and Adriane Koontz. This beer possesses a sharp lemony tartness countered by the zing of the ginger and balanced out with greeny bitterness from the dandelion, clover, and carrot tops. We brew this beer at the beginning of spring when those greens start to pop out of the ground and it is one of our favorite beers! It's packaged in 330 ml bottles at 4.4% alcohol by volume for $10 and is ready for your enjoyment now or can be kept in your home cellar for several years. There will be no reservations on this beer and bottles are available first-come, first-served. We are ecstatic to have this Scratch beer available once more!

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