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Barrel-Aged Cedar Oak

We are pleased to announce that Barrel-Aged Cedar Oak bottles are now available at the brewery! This bottle-conditioned farmhouse beer was mashed in an oak puncheon, boiled over a wood fire in our copper kettle, and brewed with eastern red cedar. It was fermented with our wild house mixed culture and aged in an oak puncheon for a year with a native wild yeast. This beer is a Scratch favorite that takes on a prominent cedar presence to complement our house yeast character in tandem with a light vanilla flavor. The oak aging adds a bit more acidity and tannic character to better showcase the cedar and oak profiles. It's packaged in 750 ml bottles at 6.6% alcohol by volume for $20 and is ready for your enjoyment now or can be kept in your home cellar for several years. There will be no reservations on this beer and bottles are available first-come, first-served.

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